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Flex-Ability Physio

A flexible approach to your challenges

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Flex-Ability is about positive solutions

The consequences of an injury are never determined simply by which tissue is damaged.  Just as every person is unique, the factors that prevent them functioning at their desired level and achieving their goals are also unique. 


How you move, function and feel is a unique product of the interaction between your anatomy, physiology, life experience, environment, goals, fears, and aspirations. At Flex-Ability Physio, you are not "an injury" to be "treated" but a whole person with your own goals and challenges to be considered when working out a treatment plan for you.


The enormous breadth of scientific evidence available in the biomedical sciences, physiotherapy and rehab literature can best serve you only when it is carefully considered how it is relevant to you as a unique individual.


So, how can Flex-Ability Physio help you?

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