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Connected Health Alliance

Improving multidisciplinary care for people with Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders

Together with Dr Megan Thomas, GP, and Savita Sandhu, Dietitian, Nicole has founded a clinical network to provide coordinated multidisciplinary care for people living with EDS/HSD and related conditions.


The network provides collaborative multidisciplinary patient care to improve individual outcomes, increase access to quality care, perform clinical research, and deliver medical education for the EDS community and those that care for them. We regularly engage in case conferences and provide peer support, consultation advice, and education for clinicians working in this space.


Patients are welcome to access care with any one or all of the clinicians in the network. Once a patient is under the care of one network member, with their consent, health information can be shared between network clinicians to facilitate care. 


Clinicians are encouraged to contact us if interested in networking or improving knowledge in the management of EDS & related conditions. 

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