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Nicole Frost

Nicole is passionate about acquiring and applying clinical knowledge along with empathy and care to help each client meet their personal goals. Nicole believes that a physio should never ignore the science but must also consider carefully how it applies to the individual at the centre of the consultation - the client. Nicole understands that many factors often contribute to limitations in a person's ability to enjoy freedom of movement and comfort but understands that many of these factors can also be modified to help clients move forwards. 

Since graduating from the University of Sydney with first class honours in 1997 (BAppSci(Physio) hons), Nicole has continued to pursue a range of professional education to develop her clinical skills, along with conference attendances, research and publications (see below) and providing mentoring and training to colleagues.


Research & Publications:

2020 Positional Headaches & Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension, Frost, N, InMotion

2009 NHMRC Short term clinical Research Grant with UQ CCRE-Spine, The Occurrence Of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms In acute Low Back Pain In Patients With And Without Neuropathic Pain

2004 Ultrasound for Biofeedback in Physiotherapy, Frost, N & Clarke, J, Sound Effects Issue 4

1997 Effort Perception in CFS Undergraduate thesis and 2 conference presentations


Some courses and conferences attended by Nicole:
  • Red flag presentations in headaches and recognition of VBI, APA webinar

  • Paediatric EDS ECHO 8 week Program, The Ehlers Danlos Society

  • Mast Cell Activation Syndrome: Current concepts, Dr Lawrence Afrin

  • EDS ECHO Summit 2020

  • Functional Neurological Disorders Part 1, APA

  • Telehealth, APA

  • Dynamic Stabilisation of the Foot and Ankle, Alison Grimaldi

  • Australian Pain Society 38th and New Zealand Pain Society Conjoint Annual Scientific Meeting 

  • Dysfunction Specific Hip Rehab, Trish Wisbey-Roth

  • Falls Prevention in Dementia, APA

  • Acetabular Labral Tears, Clinical Edge

  • Anterior Hip Pain Exercises, Clinical Edge

  • Dance Movement & Pre Pointe Assessment, Clinical Edge

  • The Sports Thorax – Connect the Whole Body & Optimise Performance with The Thoracic Ring Approach (LJ Lee)

  • Dynamic Stabilisation of the Hip and Pelvis, Alison Grimaldi

  • NOI Conference 2012

  • The Irritable Hip, Nichole Hamilton

  • Synthetic Casting

  • Hip labral tears - the new plica syndrome? Arthroscopic breakthrough or folly , Jenny McConnell webinar

  • New Horizons in Sports Medicine, Orthopaedic Research Institute St George Hospital

  • Clinical Applications of Neurodynamics: Upper limb, Neck and Thorax,  Hannu Luomajoki (NOI), London

  • Orthopaedic Update,

  • Clinical Gems for Dance Physiotherapists, 1 day course, Sue Mayes

  • “If you can’t breathe you can’t function”, 3 day workshop, Mary Massery

  • Dance Rehabilitation Workshop, 1 day course, Megan Connelly

  • Muscle Energy Techniques - Cervical and Thoracic Spine, 2 day course, Barbara Hungerford

  • Sports Physiotherapy Australia Conference, Adelaide

  • Real Time Ultrasound for Physiotherapists, The University of Sydney, 1 semester subject (Graduated top of class)

  • Level 4 Clinical Pilates, 2 day course, Craig Phillips

  • Level 3 Clinical Pilates, 2 day course, Craig Phillips

  • Muscle Energy Techniques - Level 2 Pelvis and Lumbar Spine, 2 day course, Barbara Hungerford

  • Level 2 Clinical Pilates, 2 day course, Craig Phillips

  • Pelvic floor, 2 day course, Julie Hides and Ruth Sapsford

  • Advanced Shoulder Course Level 2, 2 day course, Lyn Watson

  • Level 1 Clinical Pilates, 2 day course, Craig Phillips

  • Muscle Energy Techniques - Level 1 Pelvis and Lumbar Spine, 2 day course, Barbara Hungerford

  • Physiocise Levels 1 and 2, 2 day course, Anna-Louise Bouvier

  • Level 1 Shoulder Course, 2 day course, Lyn Watson

  • Entonox training for Physiotherapists, Withington Hospital, Manchester,UK

  • Level 1 Sports Physiotherapist, APA

  • Level 2 Sports Trainer, Sports Medicine Australia

  • Level 1 Sports Trainer, Sports Medicine Australia

  • Sports First Aider, Sports Medicine Australia

  • Advanced Principles of Sports Medicine, Sports Medicine Australia

  • Taping for Physiotherapists, Andrew Hughes 

Employment History

2020 Founder of Flex-Ability Physio

2009 Visiting Scholar, UQ

2004-2020 Founder and Director of Phytness HealthCare

1998-2004 Various Private Practices, Community and Hospital based physio roles in Australia and the UK