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“Individually we are one drop; but together we are an ocean.” – Ryunosoke Satoro

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Flex-Ability Physio‘s clients often have a range of complex healthcare needs. To help them achieve their goals and optimize their health and well-being requires an understanding of a wide range of interconnected issues, an ability to truly listen to each client and to collaborate with the client as a partner in problem-solving in order to develop an optimal treatment plan for each individual.


Nicole is also passionate about working to improve the healthcare options available to her clients and others like them. To this end she fosters collaborations with a broad range of equally committed clinicians and researchers in advocacy, research and professional development activities. 

If you feel that your own unique skill set could offer something to Flex-Ability’s clients, and are interested in continuously expanding your skills and knowledge in a complex, evolving area of healthcare, please make contact via the form below.

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