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A flexible approach to your challenges

Child Physiotherapy

At Flex-Ability we aim to apply our knowledge to help you meet your goals


Hypermobility Services

Individuals who genetically have greater flexibility than the "norm" including those with diagnosed symptomatic hypermobility syndromes can have different rehabilitation and musculoskeletal healthcare needs due to the inherent differences in their body tissues. 


Clinical Consulting & Mentoring

Not every therapist can have a comprehensive knowledge of every disorder. In the case of Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders, clients can present with very complex needs. 


Flex-Ability offers support to optimise care of these clients by supporting their local therapists with training, mentoring or co-treatment.


Connected Health Alliance

Together with Dr Megan Thomas, GP, and Savita Sandhu, Dietitian, Nicole has founded a clinical network to provide coordinated multidisciplinary care for people living with EDS/HSD and related conditions. The network is endorsed as a CLinical Network of Excellence for providing collaborative multidisciplinary patient care, clinical research, and medical education for the EDS community, those that care for them and other clinicians working with this patient group. 

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