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Client Waitlist

How can Flex-Ability help you?

To ensure that existing clients can access continuity of care once they have started a program of treatment, it is necessary for us to maintain a waiting list for new assessments. Waiting times for an initial assessment are generally in the order of 3-6months and clinic consultations are only available Tuesday afternoons and Thursday/Friday mornings with telehealth consultations available on other weekdays.


Flex-Ability Physio is unable to provide urgent appointments for acute injuries and only accepts new clients requiring care of complex issues related to hypermobility disorders or with a direct referral from a specialist medical practitioner.

To be added to the waiting list as a new client and notified when an initial consultation is available, please complete this form. Once we have processed the form, you will receive a confirmation by email that you have been added to the waitlist and information on the next steps to commencing treatment with Flex-Ability Physio:

Flex-Ability Physio is currently unable to accept any new waitlist registrations as we work to assist those already on the list.
Please check back in early July when we will review the situation

For former clients of Flex-Ability who wish to see us again for a new problem or recurrence of an old injury more than 4 months after we last saw you, please complete the following form to let us know about your current needs. We will be in touch after we process the form:

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