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Hypermobility - Connecting Australian Health Professionals interested in Hypermobility

It's always great to connect with like minded people and even better when you find a whole group of fellow health professionals with a shared passion.

After an inspiring conversation with Dr Bruce Mitchell (Melbourne Pain Management Specialist) about the need to build awareness and clinical education to advance the healthcare options for people with connective tissue disorders / hypermobility syndromes (Eg: EDS, Marfans etc), we decided to do something. And so the Hypermobility Special Interest Group for Australian Health Professionals was launched. This growing network of Aussie health professionals have started to connect via LinkedIn over recent weeks and we look forward to bringing together this diverse, passionate group and exploring options for sharing and growing our knowledge base and improving the treatments on offer.

If you know another clinician who is keen to understand more about the effects and management of these conditions, let them know they're welcome to join us via LinkedIn (search for Hypermobility Special Interest Group) or drop me an email.

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