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Upper Cervical Instability (UCI) in patients with symptomatic generalized joint hypermobility

Updated: Feb 27, 2023


Please note that the information contained in this journal article is intended to inform qualified health professionals in the application of their existing knowledge, clinical reasoning and skills when assessing and treating a client with suspected UCI. It is not a substitute for professional advice and it may be unsafe for patients to attempt to apply the information in the article directly to their own condition without professional input.


After 12 months collaborating with an amazing team of 17 passionate clinicians across three continents and way too many time zones, it's so encouraging to see our journal article on conservative management of upper cervical instability finally in print (and available open access thanks to the EDS Society).

Even more encouraging is the wide readership it has achieved with the article currently ranked in the top 1% of Frontiers journal articles for views. I can only hope this means that awareness of this important manifestation of connective tissue disorders will be more quickly recognised, and better managed for many clients, and further, that research interest might increase.

Upper cervical instability can present in varied ways and widely varying degrees of severity, and can fluctuate significantly over time. The clinical experience of our consensus team of authors suggests however, that many patients with this condition can be helped by appropriate physiotherapy.

I look forward to many more conversations around this condition, reading bucketloads of new research, and having a laugh with my coauthors in a couple of years about how little we knew in 2022 about upper cervical instability in hypermobility syndromes.

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